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 Welcome to Wupi comic´s Gay me Crazy!

Gay me Crazy the comic is about five friends that live some adventures along with the issues from being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Oxer, the main character, is a human gay guy from planet Alivari. The society in that planet is much more evolved that on Earth, both tecnologically and spiritually. Oxer falls in love with his childhood friend, but he never tells this guy about his feelings, so he decides to come to planet Earth.

This is the beginning of the story.

"Oxer's Journey"

This part is in development. So keep visiting this website for updates. Is you speak spanish you can buy the novel in this link:

This is part of what is coming soon:

All characters in "Oxer's Journey" are human aliens, they come from planets Alivari, Xiromidi and Iravila. Of course in those planets being LGBTQ+ is not an issue.

Wupi comics pretends to spare good vibes among the LGBTQ and common people. Let's send good love through the universe.

Gay me Crazy 101

This issue is the first concept of the comic. Now it is part of Oxer being on Earth stage. In this part he got a job in a tv show as a drag queen. There is some romance and the friendship among the five friends thrive.

Oxer, Galiano, Gato, Fruttini and Jayzee are the main male characters but also you will find the gals like Tina, Galicia, Ghana, Yaki and Frida. You can buy this issue here:

The Happy Days

Visita la página aquí:

Si bien en "Gay me Crazy 101" es la introducción de Oxer a una nueva vida en la Tierra, eso no significa que todo es miel sobre hojuelas y joterías. Hay situaciones de aventura y peligro.

Eso quizá no lo sabrán ahora si es su primera visita. Pero en Soy Oxer y Gay me Crazy hay bastante emoción. 

Por lo mismo estoy creando una sección divertida y relajada que se llama "Los días felices". En la línea del tiempo se ubica cuando llega a la Tierra y se convierte en drag. Yo las llamo tiras cómicas y difieren de "El viaje de Oxer", por ejemplo, que cuando se complete será una novela gráfica. Por supuesto los episodios de la novela estarán a la venta de acuerdo a sean completados.

Tina Loló & Tina Luvs

Both Tinas are the same person just living in parallel universes.

Tina Loló is Oxer's twin sister. Tina Luvs just a friend. One is smart the other one is naive. Learn more in this site:

Welcome again to the Wupi comics sites, I hope you enjoy this characters and their advetures.

Gay me Crazy is part of Gente Wupi Trade Mark by Carlos Ernesto Covarrubias Patiño.