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Galiano Droc.- Galiano is the main host in Gay me Crazy.
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Ghana Winters.- Ghana is super hot, she hosts the GmC night show along with Galiano.
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Gato Lópex.- He is an expert in movies. Well, maybe not that much, but he loves cinema.
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Oxer Loló.- Oxer is also part of the Gay me Crazy nightly show.
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Oxidalia / Oxer Loló.- Oxidalia is Gay me Crazy´s hostess for the hot stuff and gossip.
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Frida Tang.- This Asian/Salvadorean girl is the best producer at Gay me Crazy Networks.
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Jayzee (Jesse J.C.) .- Meet our resident DJ at Gay me Crazy.
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Yaki d´Orleans.- Yaki is the AP (Associate Producer) at the Gay me Crazy Tonight Show.
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Christmas Short Stories new characters:

- Joel, a guy Gato met just before Christmas party.
- Gino, Ghana´s cousin.
- Detin
- Marinde
- DoPingüé, the triplets.
- Fruttini.
- Little little twinkle star secret agent.

More new characters:

- Friglut