About GmC

Jelou! And when I say this I mean "hello".
Anyways, welcome to Gay me Crazy. This is the work of one person, poor me! My name is Carlos Covarrubias, if it´s easy for you to say "Chuckov", then that is my other persona.

This comic has two times, two groups of friends, let me elaborate. Oxer, the main character, is from planet Alivari. Therefore he has his friends from there. That is going to be told in the first part that is called "Oxer´s Journey".

Then Oxer came to Earth, our beloved planet. So he made some new friends. This part is called "Gay me Crazy". This is the online store:


NOVEL IS IN SPANISH: I have a bad news and a good news. The good one is that I already wrote "Oxer´s Journey", the bad one is that for now it is only available in Spanish. So if you feel like learning this language, feel free to visit https://www.SoyOxer.com.

Or visit Gumroad to buy it:

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Hi again guys, I love you and you love me. So why don´t you invite me a coffee?

As I said before, my name is Carlos E. C. P. a long name is Spanish. Nickname just Chuckov.

All the material and media in this website is copyrighted. So do not steal anything, God is watching you.

This website is made in Guadalajara, México (just in case you were wondering).
More coming soon! I am going to take a nap.