Monday, August 1, 2022

Uncoupled, just sunday night entertainment

 "Uncoupled", the new Netflix gay series with Neil Patrick Harris, was added on Saturday 29th of July. I have a few comments about this... just one or two comments really... actually...

Jelou! I am Gato Lópex from Gay me Crazy Networks. I just started working in this project as a film reviewer and reporter. I know this is a LGBTQ+ outlet but let me be clear to you, I am not gay!

Ok, back to "Uncoupled", the show is advertised with the usual: "from the creators of...". In this case from Darren Star, the producer of "Sex and the City". Do I need to say more about what to expect?

In a simple phrase, this is going to be a fun show, yes but... that's it. I just watched the first epidose. You know, very New York, very gay, very upscale. What I am trying to say is that so far there is nothing new under the sun.

But!... But of course I am going to watch it and enjoy it, and you too.

Everybody loves Neil Patrick Harris, right? And New York, and gay glam. So thank you Netflix, again.

On a different matter, let me say this about Michael (Harris character), why do we humans are so love or attention needy? When someone does not want to be with you, just let him/her go in the very first moment you know the want to go away. I am just saying. 

Well, back to the production, there is money in the show. And probably, because of the cast age, mature male gays are the targeted audience. But I think we all at any age, can relate to the issue of being rejected from a relationship.

And now, the trailer. Love you guys, in a very universal kind of love 'cause, as I said before, I am not gay.

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