Friday, July 29, 2022

Bros, "I like you bro!" trailer

 Bros, the big gay movie according to big studios.

Jelou! I am Gato and I work for Gay me Crazy Networks as a movie reporter. Today I am presenting the "Bros" movie which is supposed to be the biggest romantic comedy film made by a big studio.

Let´s begin that we all, I assume, know who Luke MacFarlane is, the guy has a cute smile. Let me stop right and say that I amo not gay, just to be clear!

MacFarlane was in the "Brothers and Sisters" show like probalby almost two decades ago. He has been in a number of romantic movies, not all as a gay man but in "Single All The Way" that you can watch on Netflix, he is.

So in "Bros", Macfarlane plays the handosome muscular stereotype. In the other hand, actor Billy Eichner plays the guy who is reluctant to have a love relationship.

The formula for a romantic comedy film is simple, goodlooking people, nice places and diners, they met, they fall in love, they separate for whatever reason, and they reconcile so they can live happy forever. I forgot! Of course some jokes must be included.

So the trailer is very funny, the movie will be a good one to watch, and we viewers are going to be happy as well.

The release date is September 30th. Also, some familiar faces, or gay icons, are going to be there like Dot-Marie Jonse, Kristin Chenoweth and debra Messing. You know who they are unless you are under 25, he, he.

Please enjoy the trailer.