Friday, April 1, 2022


Welcome to Gay me Crazy The Comic!

This is the story of a group of friends that are very gay, I mean very happy, so gay.
Oxer, a drag alien; Galiano, the superstar; Gato, the latin lover; Fruttini, the something weird; and Jayzee, just a regular gay guy.

But, but, of course there are a bunch of gals in this comic. They super cute and smart, you are gonna love them all.

Tina, Oxer´s sister, is a super power girl; Galicia, Galiano´s sister, is also a super power girl, ha, ha. Ok, I am gonna be serious. Wilmaralia, an alien from planet Xiromidi, is a super power girl...

Ok, many of the girls in this comic are very powerful. But algo the boys, for instance Fruttini. Oh boy! You´ll fall in love with him once you know his super power ha, ha.

Anyways, since English is not my mother language please be patient and kind to me. I am Chuckov and these are my virtual family, I hope you enjoy their adventures.